Not This Time – 1

During the years after his divorce from Maura,  Evan moved from job to job.  He had a drinking problem.  

As Evan knew how  to make himself well liked, coworkers often covered up for him.  He was never fired for being drunk.  He was allowed to resign and move on.

Attending a subsequent interview, when asked why he left his previous job,  Evan would state;  

“It was great working there, but I felt it was time for a change.”

This explanation worked wonders.  It made the company feel it had been selected by a good worker.

Evan would be hired, become ‘beloved’ by the staff which would cover for him until it was impossible.

If confronted by management he would bite his lips and say that his wife, Maura, had divorced him and he was taking it badly.

This tragedy plus his affability granted  him the opportunity to resign, get a good recommendation, and move on to the next office.


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Written by jaylar

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