New University Town Center Theatre

Monday, 8.12.19

The small vintage indie theatre by my home appears to be finished. It now looks modern and futuristic, especially with the pink neon light inside, although it was cute and vintage looking before, which wasn’t bad. I notice that they took off the sign board for showcasing movie titles. They did the same thing for the old Woodbridge Center theatre. I guess these signs are now outdated; and, if you want to find out what’s playing, you need to search it on the internet. 

Upclose on the small theatre, I notice that it looks more like a small mall, kind of like a mini version of the Spectrum Center IMAX theatre. 

I like this angle snapshot of the side of the theatre, displaying some new plants and a building in the background. It gives the scenes a downtown feel, although Irvine is just a small suburb college town.

The space next door is still under construction. It used to be a yoga studio. But I think it might be something else, maybe Chase bank. I am not sure. Across from this space is mini Target for college students. 


What do you think?


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  1. It looks rather slick but I hope they keep playing small indie films. I like those. At university one was called the Blue Mouse. (weird name). The one in my San Francisco neighborhood was the Roxie. It is still there and going strong. I saw “Eraserhead” there. Way back when. It was a midnight showing in a dicey neighborhood.

    • yeah, i sometimes go to other indie areas, like the Frida Theatre in the santa ana artist village, which is a little farther away. but there is another local theatre that has started to show indie foreign films. i think there are more indie theatres in other neighboring town, but i never go to them.
      I noticed a lot of construction in my town recently, where they are turning old business buildings into apartment buildings as well as remodeling old buildings into modern buildings. they are suddenly making too many changes, and way too fast and in a sudden…

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