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New TAC on the block

For the past few years, all of us have seen in the news, in ads, on social media, articles concerning news about brand new terms, such as crypto, cryptocurrency, tokens, ICO etc. Surely you have googled some of those terms, and probably have forgotten their meaning just a few minutes afterwards (this was my case!)

This article, coming from an ambitious – yet amateur writer, aims to clarify a few crypto-terms and right afterwards, to introduce a new, revolutionary cryptocurrency, The Advertising Currency (TAC) which claims to be able to take back the corporate control over the marketing and advertising industries.

Let us begin with explaining a few crypto-terms:

What is Blockchain? As per Wikipedia, a block chain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger, used for recording transactions among many computers. The records cannot be altered without altering all subsequent blocks. This technology was initially developed for bitcoin, but its uses now are spreading to all sorts of commercial applications.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset, designed to work as a medium of exchange. The transactions are secured with the use of cryptography.

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What is a token?

Token, in terms of currency refers to a digital coin that can be exchanged for tangible money at the current value of the token. Crypto tokens are frequently used for investment purposes.

What does ICO mean?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering and is an offering used by companies or start ups to process crowd funding before the launch. Usually the tokens are offered to investors at discounted rates or with extra bonuses.

Now that we know a bit about the new crypto-economy-technology terms, let us find out some more information about the new proposal coming from Bruce Bates and his team.

Questions always help people to organize their thoughts and of course any questions posted in the comment section, we can forward to the creators of TAC to be addressed to.

Information about The Advertising Currency

What is TAC? 

Tac is a new crypto currency token (The Advertising Currency), aiming to be utilized for its intended purpose, to decentralize advertising as we know it. The plan to allow direct contact between advertiser and publisher, without any middleman.

How will it be accomplished? Through their platform and the securing contracts. The Open Source platform can be used free of charge for internet marketing (banners, text ads, email marketing and more) and it can be also used for offline advertising (outdoor advertising)

Please view this video for more information.

For whom will it be useful?

It will allow marketers, advertisers, business owners to reduce their marketing costs and ultimately increase their business profits.

How much will it cost?

Each token will be sold at an initial value of $10 US dollars, while a total of 5.000.000 TAC tokens will be created, from which the 4.000.000 tokens will be sold before the project begins. Special bonuses apply for early investors as well as for bloggers, so make sure you read more info  about added value tokens in page 16/19 of the White Papers

Where you can find more info about the TAC?

Facebook Group of Tac Token

(184 members – up until 25 October)

Linked In Group of Tac Token

(358 members – up until 25 October)


(33 followers – up until October 25th)

And at their official sites: &

We will be looking forward to learning more about this project and we wish them the best. In the meantime we have come up with a few suggestions about how to bring the project forward and how to spread the word about it to a broader audience.

  • Create a chat in twitter and discuss more with interested parties.
  • Use any questions raised to create a F.A.Q.
  • Create and distribute a press release about this project
  • Create more social media accounts / channels (i.e. facebook page) and spread the word
  • Send newsletter to the people subscribed through your website
  • Create presentations / slides with the information shared within your webcasts
  • Create and share a few real world paradigms about examples businesses that can use it / in what way and in what extent.
  • More information regarding the platform and/or the contracts could be rather useful for people interested in investing or in using the platform in the future.


This post will participate at the writing contest announced by the TAC, however the writer planned on researching and writing about this project before the contest announcement.


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Written by katerinaramm


    • Thank you for commenting Alex.
      I understand, this is the main concern for many, I am also brand new to it and still only curious.
      I have started steeming around (participating in the I mean), and I want to know some more for crypto currencies in general.
      There are many people and companies that have to do with ICO (Initial Coin Offering) investing, and a whole new industry in sales, economics has beginning to develop.
      I think that this whole thing is too big and too well configured to be a ‘blubb’
      Even if someone does not wish to invest, I believe it is important to be informed.
      This thing has come to stay!

      • I also don’t understand the difference between investing in cryptocurrencies and simply owning some. Yes, the motives may differ greatly but the end result is identical, no?