In this March 24, 2015 photo, gay rights activist Angeline Jackson, 24, speaks with a colleague in Kingston, Jamaica. Jackson, a victim of a targeted sexual assault when she was 19, now directs the only registered lesbian and bisexual women's organization in Jamaica and is determined to help others recover from sexual crimes targeting female homosexuals, including so-called “corrective rapes” intended to force them into becoming heterosexual or punish them for not fitting societal norms. (AP Photo/David McFadden)

When The New Boss Came…

For years, a gal I call Pigthing, did very little work. Hired as the ‘helper’ at the hostel, I was quite surprised when she told me that she didn’t throw out the garbage and only cleaned the bathrooms once a month.

She used to wander in after ten and be gone before four and although one expected her to clean the rooms she was usually found sitting on a chair around the corner.

Her usual schedule after wandering in was blasting her loud mouth, and doing nothing much.

The residents cleaned their own rooms, the bathrooms, the kitchen, because even when Pigthing did it, it was done badly.


Then the New Boss Came.

Suddenly, Pigthing is here before nine. And Quiet. She is throwing out the rubbish. She is speaking politely.  And she looks busy.

This is because the New Boss is very much present, and hands on.

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