Dale who works for the Boss from Hell.   A Boss from Hell is an abuser, with the same ‘play book’ as the abusive husband.   The difference is, often, there is no sex and no physical violence.

The abuse is emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and verbal.   The Boss from Hell attempts to control ever aspect of the lives of those who work for him.   He feels ’empowered’ to tell them how to sit, dress, talk, and will, if allowed access, interfere with their lives.

He will call them at any hour of the day or night, on any day.   He behaves as if he owns his workers.

To survive, Dale  developed  strategies.   Key among them was, in essence,  to do under Four Hours of Work per day for Eight Hours Pay.

Although it was nothing to be proud of, and undermined her sense of competence and responsibility, it was a way to save her soul.

She no longer minded his lectures or babbling, for she timed them.

She would sit in a submissive pose, enjoying his assistance in chipping minutes from her day. If he babbled for fifteen minutes she would  deduct that from her schedule.

At 4:00, no matter what, she would begin her shutting down protocol.  She would clean up her computer, erase her history, run various virus checks and leave.

She counted every minute she spent in the office as a sentence being served.  This made her feel that she was confronting her BfH’s abuse.

This is how she survived.


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Written by jaylar

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