Dale works for the Boss from Hell.  To survive she created particular strategies.

The first was the thirty minute set up, the second, a fifteen minute bathroom break.     This ‘wasted’  forty five minutes.  Her return to her desk and actual beginning of work was one hour after entrance.  By ‘eating’ this one hour, she felt that she had regained a bit of her soul.

She took another break between 9:30 and noon so that her morning was not three and one half hours, but two hours flat.

Her afternoon had another thirty minute break, and then a shutting down sequence was of thirty minutes. This would bring it to four and one half hours.

She worked to cut that as close to three hours of work as possible, for her goal was to  work less than four hours a day and do  as little as possible each day. She never put anything on the Bosses desk, made him ask for everything.

This had Mike, the Boss from Hell,  take it a step farther by demanding she keep her work unprinted until he read it.   She almost applauded.

Considering she was as qualified as he,  Dale took everything he did on its unworking potential.   This allowed her to fling a number of items on the computer, and spend time playing games. Only when her Master asked to see the document would it be required.

This meant, Dale could draft  five documents in an hour, and that was her virtual weeks work.

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