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Why You Need Virily and Other Pay Per View Sites

The holiday season is coming up fast.

Could you use some extra cash to buy gifts?

Virily is the site for you!

This site that pays its contributors is sorely needed too.

Do you want to know why?

It’s not because the holiday season is fast approaching. Virily and other pay per view sites will always be needed.

The reason is Niume, the revenue-sharing site, stopped sharing revenue. This month Niume will close its doors forever.

There was a Facebook group devoted to Niume where people read each other’s post and helped get each other page views.

Does Virily have a Facebook group where members help each other get views?

I did some research and couldn’t find one. I am still investigating.

Perhaps it’s time someone started one so Virily members can support each other. Blogging is about community, after all. A community of Virility writers on Facebook? Sounds cool!


What do you think?

Written by Janice Wald

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  1. A search for “Virily” on Facebook will produce three entities:
    1) Virily’s own Facebook page
    2) a group called “Virily Writing” where users can promote themselves, sharing their Virily posts
    3) the “Virily users group” which is a discussion-only group set up to support users, rather than for promotion of members’ posts or the generating of views. To join you need to be an active user with a minimum of 10 Virily posts.

  2. There is a facebook group for virily users, in fact that is the name. Virily Users, Norman Darlington is the admin, there about 35 of us there now I think, even a virily editor!