More Troubleshooting Tips – 68

Having seen a number of errors,  I attempted to speak to the Owner.  He was a charming man who said that his supermarket was a ‘work in progress’.  

I did not laugh in his face, I did not insult him.  His belief that the problems could be ‘worked out’  suggested he had no idea that time had run out.

While he claimed to be ‘working out’ the kinks, customers were walking out the door.  Customers were finding other venues, and only stopping in on occasion.

Once the top supermarket of four, I watched it decline until it was on par with it’s closest competitor.

The Supermarket across the street did nothing to entice customers. It had no sales, no specials.  It simply sat back and waited for the First Supermarket to drown in its own errors.

There was a time business was a bit slow across the street, and perhaps changes could have been implemented.  However, the owners of that supermarket had done their espionage.  They knew that the first would destroy itself.


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Written by jaylar

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