More Troubleshooting Tips – 49

When the Owners or Managers or Board does not take an active role, they must appoint someone to run it.  Giving that someone power and authority is often hard when the Owners or Managers or Board has inferiority issues.

When someone is appointed to ‘run’ the business and is given no real power, they stop working.  Why bother?

If all the Manager can do is give a written warning, and if/when the Owner /Board responds is a shoulder shrug, why bother?

It suits the powerless person ‘in charge’ to see nothing.  

When those with the power ignore the business, why should the powerless ‘manager’ ‘matron’  show interest?

Neglect is often the main cause of a business going under.  

Although there are other reasons, they are often inspired or instigated by neglect.  

After all, if the Boss doesn’t arrive until 10 the employees can arrive at 9:50, although being paid from 8:00.  

If the Boss spends his/her time in the office or IMOBAL (in meeting/off building/at lunch) then the workers don’t have to knock themselves out.


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