More Trouble Shooting Tips – 96

Although many suggestions/solutions seems to be common sense, such is very uncommon.

For example; the purchasing manager is busy with whatever.  The customer requires a product, but is  ignored.  

The Managers are busy with petty in house issues, so can barely waste a third of an ear on a customer’s complaint.

No one notices the loss of 1 or 10 or even 100 customers, until it is too late.

In some cases,  considering traffic, a customer takes this turn to reach that supermarket.  To reach the other supermarket  would require a different turn.  

Some times it is 2 miles North to that market, 2 miles South to that one.

Considering traffic routes, similar businesses may virtually be across the street from each other.  However the actual road is such one much choose which turn to make.  As long as there is no reason to cross the street, the customer doesn’t.

All it takes is one slapping away of a complaint to lose a customer.  Then another, then another.


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