More Trouble Shooting Tips – 95


Anyone put in charge of anything needs to be flexible.  Needs to comprehend that although the rule states: XYZ  there are times when such rule can be bent.

When a customer/client confronts the mind dead rule entrenched stupidvisor who can not give a slight bend, that customer or client, if they care enough, will inform the owner/senior staff.

If they don’t care,  they walk out forever.  That is the end of their connection to the  business.

In dealing with people, rules need to be a bit flexible and the person appointed to enforce them must be able to do that.

Too often the Boss/Owner/Senior Management finds a virtual organic robot who can never come out of the lines and appoints the the position where they meet the customers.   Such a robot should never be placed into proximity to human beings  save with a hot line to a person with a fully operational brain who can prevent the loss of custom.

People  do not have to pay/spend to be treated like dirt;  hence they will leave.


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