More Trouble Shooting Tips – 93

Covid -19

The ability of owners/managers to quickly adapt to change is the hallmark of a successful business.  

Businesses which respond slowly or not at all, those which can not create nor define new protocols as they are needed will fail.

It is truly a ‘no brainer’.

The Covid-19 virus shows up, one needs to obey the social distancing, hand sanitising requirements.

Curfews are being put into place, so opening earlier and closing earlier will be required to maintain a semblance of ‘normality’ when it comes to operation.

Supermarket A opens at 8 and people flock in and out without having to join a line.  It closes at 8 pm.

Supermarket B opens at 8:30 and has a line and closes at 9 pm.

The government decides on a curfew from 8 pm to 6 am every day.

This will mean that the supermarket can not stay open until 9 or even 8.  It must close by 7.

Supermarket A can more easily move to opening at 7:30 and closing at 7.  This isn’t much of a problem.  

Supermarket B which has not altered its opening hours will have to totally rearrange schedules. 


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