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With the arrival of the Corona Virus, supermarkets, one of the few ‘exempt’ businesses,  have to be extra alert not to create rules and regulations which kill their pockets.  

As a simple guide; if that supermarket opens at 8 am and this one opens at 9 am… which one do you go to?

If this supermarket has a crowd lined up waiting to get in, and that one doesn’t, which one do you go to?

Although Venue 1 might be larger or superior or have more selection the fact is, people want to get to the supermarket as early as they can and get back home before the crowd.

As Venue 2 opens early and has less customers, it is common sense to go there.  What one can not get there one can do without.

What is going to be evident to every pair eyes, is that this Corvid-19 Lock down will cause a lot of businesses to tank; not those which were forced closed by the respective governments, but those who should have hired a Troubleshooter the day the regulations were annonced.


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    • On Sunday I investigated; this ‘Top’ supermarket would not open until 9. The other one, across the road, had opened at 8. On Tuesday this Top supermarket had a line, the other one did not.

      Attempts to alert the owners of Top failed.

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