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More Trouble Shooting Tips – 82

In some cases, where a competitor seems to have all bases covered, and it is clear one can not compete,  the business might be sold before it becomes unprofitable.

In some cases, a business spy will perceive that a competitor’s practices are unsustainable, and holding strain is wise.

In the tale of two supermarkets, one seemed so superior.   Yet, a business spy noted the absence of cashiers causing the loss of business from one section.   

The absence of a cashier at this point, meaning particular products could not be obtained, meant the shopper would go elsewhere.

The spy noted  poor purchasing acumen,  many products were unavailable.

The spy told the  ‘inferior’ supermarket to wait.   

Waiting was all they needed to do, as the ‘superior’ supermarket began to collapse on its own. The ‘inferior’  did not  implement a single change.

Reality is that many businesses fail because of poor business practices.  If you can identify them in your competitor, you need merely wait.


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