More Trouble Shooting Tips- 79

Imagine a table over here, giving taste samples to customers.   The customers give it a try, many like it.  Say it tastes good.  But!  The venue is all out of the product.  How is it possible?

This is not a fiction story.  

During the Festive Season many places offered tastes and samples.  However, a number of products had already sold out.   Yet, tastes were still be given.  

Now, it is funny, if you don’t own the venue or manufacture the product.

Clearly, those customers who would have purchased the item if it was present will forget about it.  

How is it possible to offer samples of a product that is not available?

This is not a ‘preview’ of an item that will arrive in January, this is a product that was on the shelves for months, now that tastes are given, there are no products to buy.

This kind of error is not uncommon.  There is little or no communication between the venue and those who are giving out the samples.  

This lack of communication helps destroy a business.


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