More Trouble Shooting Tips – 75

Communication is vital.   Any change, any problem, must be communicated to customers.

This is not just putting a sign on a door, for many won’t see it.  This is making sure that each customer is aware of the issue.

A section might need be closed,  certain products no longer carried,  hours changed, whatever it is, unless it is an unforeseen emergency, must be communicated in a timely fashion.

The reasons for the changes might be vital for the health of the business, but if they are not communicated to the customer, the changes could destroy the business.

It is better to over communicate, than to let any one arrive at the venue when the premises is closed, or the opening hours changed, and they only find out when they are the ‘victim’.

This is not to happen.

A customer/client must never be inconvenienced; for that leads to departure.


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