More Trouble Shooting Tips – 74

A business which abuses its customers, whether by it’s open hours, behaviour of staff, policies, etc.  is doomed.   The public will find other venues, learn to do without those products.

It is no excuse that this clerk was having a ‘bad day’ or that cleaner was angry about something.  I know it sounds cruel, but the customer or client doesn’t care.  This is not a social intervention.   This is a business. 

The owner might be the greatest person in the world, but if that employee insults that customer, that is the end of the relationship.

There are few monopolies.  

Perhaps, in ancient times, where travel was laborious or limited, people were virtually stuck in their towns;  they hd to buy from this supermarket. 

Today, that is rarely true.

This may be the only drug store in ten miles. However, many of those who live near that drug store may work twenty miles away.  And they will, unless given good treatment and prices, fill their prescriptions and buy their items, elsewhere.

In cases where the drug stores are two blocks apart, the minds of the owners should be directed on each other; so that the prices are not so different nor the treatment given to customers.

One of the wisest moves when stocking new products or having an over stock of o


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