More Trouble Shooting Tips – 71

I can not over emphasise the fact indicated in the previous article.  

 Here is a cashier, so focused on her personal discussion that she does not ring up all the items in front of her.  A customer gets free goods.   

It was not deliberate, it was not a gift, it was that this cashier has such limited brain capacity that she can not talk and ring up goods at the same time.

The question, of course; is 

How many times has that cashier  done this?  How many goods have not been paid for due to her distraction?

If you do not hire a Troubleshooter to ascertain people who virtually can not walk and chew gum at the same time, You must walk the floor.  You must have people who deliberately try to distract to see how an employee deals with the situation.

Those employees who can cease a discussion to deal with the person in front of him or her can be kept.  Those who can not, who are unable to put the job at hand over their personal ideas or desires, must be discharged.

There is no, ‘it won’t happen again’,  there is no ‘external factors’.   If one can not perform their job they must leave it.

If you are unaware of this, then you will go out of business.


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