More Trouble Shooting Tips – 67

The Supermarket had a ‘mezzanine’, which would have, if thought were put into it, been the proper place for a ‘deli’ or ‘coffee shop’ or even a ‘internet cafe’.

Instead, they moved housewares on to the mezzanine.

To reach the mezzanine required a trod up a rather high stair case.

How many customers look at the mezzanine?  If they don’t see the items on the shelves they will buy them elsewhere.

If they are directed to the mezzanine will they go?

Consider, you have a cart of groceries and need some ‘houseware’; do you leave your cart and climb the stairs, or forget it.

It is most likely you will forget it and maybe purchase another time or in another place.

This kind of ridiculous placement of goods, where they are hidden or difficult to reach results in loss of sales.


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