More Trouble Shooting Tips – 60

Many businesses get complacent.   They were booming in 2017.  They  sat back in 2018.  In 2019 the complaints are ignored.   In 2020 they scuffle around to regain business they ought not have lost in the first place.

The fact is simple;  the customer who leaves because of…(whatever) is very unlikely to return.

Unless there is freeness and new management, the bad taste left in the mouth does not dissipate.  

As many business owners have absolutely no idea why customers are annoyed, they make the matter worse.

They ‘forget’ that Customer A complained about the absence of particular products,  Customer B mentioned the lack of helpful staff, or Customer C spoke of the lack of prices on various goods.

It is this ‘forgetting’  by management which has the customers leaving.

In 90% of the cases where changes are implemented in response to the decline of  custom, they are the wrong changes.


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