More Trouble Shooting Tips – 41

I attended the supermarket.  

There is a specific section called ‘the deli’ which sells certain items.   There was no one behind the counter to serve me. 

 I went behind the counter, (I have done so on more than one occasion), took an item which I would pay for at another cashier.

My incursions were unknown to management, until they put up the cameras.  Then they saw me going behind the counter, taking the items, carrying them to a cashier.

The management reacted by creating  new rules. That items from the deli had to be paid for at the deli.  If you had items from the deli, amid your groceries,  they were assumed to be ‘paid for’, so would not be rung up by the cashier.

Hence, I have placed the items I took from the ‘deli’ area, or were given by a server from the area, with my groceries. I was not charged for the items.


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Written by jaylar

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