More Trouble Shooting Tips – 30

Most Bosses do not know how to talk to employees, which are the ones to talk to, who to listen to, who to ignore.

One of the realities is that many employees try to keep themselves far from contention.  They dis-attach from the job, and become blind, deaf  and dumb.

These are often the best employees.  They have lives, they have ability and are bright enough to see ‘something is happening’ and do not want to be part of it.

No real employee gets involved in office politics.  This is because they came here to work and they are trying to work.  They know what is going on, and if they can just get through the day without being involved, it is a good day.

If one can form some kind of relationship with this employee, where they can talk to them, in general, it is likely that the important information will be revealed.

For example, one has a good relationship with Andrea one can take her to lunch.  Over lunch, among other topics, the point was mooted if Odette should be entrusted with chits.

Andrea immediately pulled back as if one said ‘Satan’, then, getting it together, said she didn’t think Odette was the correct person.

Getting the ‘answer’ to the ‘question’ that wasn’t asked, one knew instantly that Odette was the dishonest one.


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