More Trouble Shooting Tips – 3

In the previous   segment I mentioned how easy it is to steal from a particular supermarket at a particular time;  I proved it.

Then, I informed the owner.

How much had been stolen during the previous days, weeks, months, is unknown.  But the ease of the theft is not.This is, again, the ability of the low level employee to destroy the business.  Reality is that persons who take these jobs couldn’t care less.  Whether it is cleaning a room in a hotel, wiping a table in a restaurant, being a cashier at a supermarket, there is no connection to the job.Beyond the salary, the employee cares nothing about the business.  Every employer, whether  or one or ten or one hundred people should write it down now,

Most Employees care NOTHING about the Business.  Which means, that those in charge have to be extra vigilant.


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