More Trouble Shooting Tips – 2

Sometimes it is Too Easy

I am at my usual supermarket.   I’m on line to pay for my groceries.   The cashier stops adding my groceries to speak to the gal who came around taking lunch orders.

If I was a thief I have found my open door.

Every day at about eleven, one gal goes around to take the lunch orders.   The cashiers, for whom lunch takes priority,  instantly forgets the customer.

As customers are being encouraged to bring their own bags,   how difficult is it to push something into that bag?

Considering the cashier is fully engrossed with lunch, and the gal who has the menu is deep in her ‘job’, no one sees me.

I shove a few things into the bag I carried,  a few have been rung up, some not.  The Not are on the bottom.

The cashier, completing her lunch order, turns back to ring up the items I left on the counter.


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Written by jaylar

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