More Trouble Shooting Tips – 100

It can not be overstated;  there are some employees which must be kept from the public.  

Security Guards who treat your customers as potential thieves.   Secretaries who are too busy babbling on the phone to speak to the person in front of them.

Customer Service is so important that even a casual eye will note that although the prices might be less over there, the customers are over here because of the smiles, the politeness and assistance.

A customer can ask where a particular item is.   The clerk who points or barks ‘Aisle 3’  is not as useful to your business as the one who physically gets up to escort the customer to the location.

I can list companies, from petrol stations to lawyer’s offices to supermarkets which have virtually crashed and had to be sold or closed due to the behaviour of a minor member of staff.

The cleaner who snorts at a question,  the pump attendant who passes remarks which are unnecessary, on and on all cause those on whom the business depends to depart.

I can think of a very unpleasant computer genius who was hidden in a backroom where he never saw a single customer.  

Although he could answer their questions,  the Owner knew it was better for him to stay out of site and the other technicians to consult him for the solutions, then allow him to confront them. 


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Written by jaylar

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