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Always be polite and quiet with an office worker.    Act interested, if they share with you. If they work well, get them benefits; i.e health, a few days off, an extra vacation.

Although you may think you are losing productivity when you let an employee have an extra week, they will catch up, if they don’t want to lose the job.

You can always say;  “Gee, I’d like to give it to you but …”  and mention what needs to be done.  The employee will do it in return for those days off.

Don’t be the Dictator and shout about time off;  “You took two days off last month!”  the cost of that attack will be weeks of unwork.

You are the boss, you don’t need to prove you are all powerful.  Prove you can be nice and the employees will give 110% because they don’t want to lose the job.

Simply put;  if the standard is $XX  and you are paying $XXY,  if the standard is 14 days a year and you are giving 21, no employee wants to lose that job so will work better, will over work to keep it.


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