More Trouble Shooting Tips – 1

Imagine it, entering a restaurant, being ignored, seeing a gal wiping tables.  She doesn’t stop to speak.  She keeps wiping.   She is called to, but rudely barks about ‘soon deal with you.’

This event caused the closure of that restaurant.

The person barked at happened to  write a column for the local paper.   It wasn’t on food, it was one of those commentaries.

In the article, the restaurant was mentioned, the words and behaviour of the table wiper were portrayed as I have done here.

Firing the table wiper was a bit late and had no effect.  People who read the article,  people to whom they spoke, avoided that restaurant.  The business tanked.

The reality is, often the lowest level employee inflicts the greatest damage on the business.

Rarely does the manager or senior clerk behave disrespectfully to a customer.   It is almost a given that it will be the lowest level of employee who has the ‘power’ to destroy the business.

And does.



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