Monsanto in Puerto Rico

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Monsanto is now in Puerto Rico, depopulating the locals and the island with GMO food. Many of the inhabitants are feeling sick. Meanwhile, many plaintiffs in America are suing Monsanto, claiming that the weed-killer Roundup gave them cancer.

I think their headquarters is now in England. I didn’t know they opened an operation in Puerto Rico, mostly because Puerto Rico is a struggling and weak economy, filled with poor people. It has provided 400 jobs for these poor residents as well as contaminated food for poor and hungry people.  But it is also creating negative side effects for the Puerto Ricans’ health. They also use the chemical Glyphosate on their crops, which is known to create cancer.


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  1. Monsatan … we need to take these corporations on for the sake of our kids. Puerto Rico imports 85% of their food while their land is being monopolized and poisoned by Monsatan (now Bayer) and other corporations.


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