My mom starts selling homemade bread

My mom came back here in the Philippines for good. She has been working in Hong-Kong, Colombia and Chile and other places abroad as a OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) for more than 16 years. Now my mom will stay here at the Philippines and won’t go back again working abroad.

She planned to start a business and it was baking. My mom is totally good at baking & cooking and it is always tasty! My mom starts buying some ingredients from a local store which sells very cheap rather than popular grocery stores. This mid august she started baking and selling Banana cakes and also Cinnamon bread and it was a success because our relatives helps us to sell it, they began to sell it at their work and then to their friends. (These images are not the original product we used to sell but for the next update will put a original photo of our product). YUM YUM!

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After the success of selling my mother starts making lasagna. She let us have a free taste and it was totally delicious! The next day she starts selling it and it was also a great success!I hope that our business will keep on growing until we have our own store place.

What business or work do you have in order for you to gain income?


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Written by Kent David


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