Messing Up – Karen

Karen marched into Mr. Gorben’s office.   She was not about to listen to excuses or lies.  She was the most qualified person, and should have been given the promotion.

“I need to talk to you!”  she shouted at Henry Gorben, her boss.  

He was busy with others and glared at Karen,  “I’ll deal with you shortly…” he said.

“No.  You’ll deal with me now!”

The others glanced from her to  Mr. G., not sure if they should leave or stay.

“You want me to deal with you now?”  he asked.


“Fine.  What is it?”

She glanced at Frank and Evelyn, as if her eyes could chase them from the room.  They waited for Mr. G to give them orders to leave but he said;   “Do you mind if they remain?” adding, “as we are in the middle of something?”

“No. Fine.  I want to know why I have been passed over again, and Estelle given the post.”

Mr. G. took a breath, he was as relaxed as if he were sitting on the beach.

“This is why, Karen.”


“You only think of yourself, no one else.  You burst into a meeting as if the world revolves around you.  You, Karen will never be given a post in which you have any authority over anyone except yourself.  Does that answer your question?”

Karen fumed, then, “I quit.”

“Thank you,”   Mr. G.  replied, “Now may I continue my meeting?”

Karen stomped out.   Mr. G. was aware that in two hours every single person in the building would know what happened, why, and he was fairly certain they would agree with him.


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Written by jaylar

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