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Meet Millionaire Chines Garbage Collector

In China, a millionaire prominent person is often seen to collect garbage on the streets. The person’s name is Zong Kongongong, which is also the successful trader of Chongq-Qing, China. Mr Zong once saw a Chinese woman professor collecting the garbage on the beach and impressed by her, and  started collecting the garbage since that day on streets. 52-year-old Zong doing this since past three years and in daily routine.


However, Zong’s action is also being criticized.People have said that he is wealthy and real estate tycoon after being viral photos on social media. But their aim is to achieve reputation and attention only. Zong did not care about that criticism, and whenever he get time he is engaged in collecting garbage.

First zong family was also feeling about zong but soon family adjusted to his nature. But its effect was that people began shy and stopped throwing them out, and now Zong’s wife is also ahead of his mission. Zong says Chinese people spread garbage and it need to make strong rules. Even Zong has decided to execute make rules for this purpose in his organization.

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  1. This is a man of great character. My late husband’s first boss used to clean the toilets in his bowling alley and was asked why he did that since he was rich and could hire somebody else to do it. He said that it reminded him of how he started out and how far he had come.

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