Media Intentionally Spreading Misinformation

Friday, 4.17.20

I think these videos are new because Part 3 and Part 4 aren’t uploaded yet. 

#1 Part 1 of 4 – Time to WAKE UP! | Dr Rashid A Buttar|

“Posting anti-vaccine propaganda on social media could become criminal offence, Law Commissioner says.”  They are trying to criminalize everyone against their agenda in order to make the whole earth submissive stupid slaves and accept everything they shove into your face.  Reported number of the actual amount of people who have died from Coronavirus is much less than the flu.

#2 Part 2 of 4 – Time to WAKE UP! | Dr Rashid A Buttar

This video talks about the history of depopulation control. It started way back since Greek gods, and it has continued ever since. Now, we have the forced One World Lockdown for the New World Order agenda. Bill Gates’ father worked for Planned Parenthood and his mother worked for IBM. He wants to do forced mass vaccinations, or we will remain in Prison Planet. Surprise outbreak? That man was laughing when he said that. NO PROOF THAT VACCINES ARE THE ANSWER. INSTEAD, THEY ARE ACTUALLY KILLING PEOPLE.; I have already watched it, but I was already aware of everything on it.

People are being arrested for not wearing a face mask. Social distancing is for prepping for the future of slavery. It has nothing to do with this concocted pandemic disease. Fauci created this bullshit. There is no such thing as a virus which does whatever they are saying it does. It is all about the preparation of toxic vaccines and microchip for the creation of braindead slaves.


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