Masks and Child Trafficking Connections?

Monday, July 20, 2020

What is the connection between a mask and child trafficking? It is all about obeying and conforming to the agenda and silencing the masses into compliance. They are using the mask hype for the cornyflu plandemic as a distraction from what is really happening, which is child trafficking, pedophilia, arrests, cannibalism, BLM, All Lives Matter, other corruption until they vaccinate everyone and administer microchip implants for a cashless society and New World Order agenda.

I added a teddy snapshot for Woodbridge walking meetup, where a couple of homes in that neighborhood had teddy bears outside, hanging on metal fences and balcony railings. The teddy bear in this snapshot is wearing a face mask and holding an American flag, seated over a sign, “GRIN AND BEAR IT.”  

Even though these people are trying to promote conforming, it still fits with the pedophilia theme and silence the masses.


What do you think?

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