Local Stroll…

Tuesday, 9.25.19

Today, I decided to walk across the street to the small local post office at the University Town Center. After mailing some stuff, I browsed around in Trader Joe’s and the area, and I noticed there was some construction by the remodeled Regal Edwards theater. The small building, adjacent to the theater, used to be a yoga studio, but now they are remodeling it into a Chase Bank. There is also a Chase Bank, a block away by Albertsons. 

I suddenly remembered a dream I had, a couple of months ago, but I don’t remember everything because it has been a while. I just remember I had walked out of Trader Joe’s and I couldn’t find my parked Beetle, as my eyes was scoping the area to look for a yellow car. Suddenly, I spotted it at a different location, and it was being carjacked. I went running towards it and screaming, and the idiots looked up and ran. Luckily, I noticed there wasn’t any damage, and I sat inside and drove off. As I drove toward in the same parking lot area, towards the post office, I noticed chaos, and people standing in line for a card or something. It just reminded me of some kind of bank procedures. Maybe this dream was a premonition for the Chase Bank in this area. 

The weather today was still warm, but it was tolerable. It appeared to be cooling off slowly. 

The UTC was crowded today, maybe I was there around lunchtime, and many UCI students are getting ready for a new school year. I think UCI starts around September 30th. 


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