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Many writers here and other places are active on my personal blog and I gather a lot of ideas, opinions, complaints, compliments and general support. It’s a real mixed bag.  I feature a lot of guest bloggers and that brings a whole new layer to the blog.

On my blog someone questioned me about the number of small post I write on Virily. It is very different than what happens on my blog.

Virily is run as a business.  They first must make enough revenue to pay the bills and run the site. They need to be profitable to pay anyone to write. The worth of a “v” must change as the revenue is not the same. It makes sense to have a business plan.

Here is the message that was left on my personal blog. “You write way to much on Virily. They need to limit your stuff. Like only 5 people on the site read your stuff.”

I didn’t disagree. I don’t see a lot of comments and most of the views I get are guest views. I do get a lot of social media response and some bring it all back to my personal blog. So why don’t they limit people on the number of posts. I really don’t know, and still I will share my logic.

Everyone who comes to the site has the potential of making the owners of the site revenue. If it is just the people inside the site the income potential is decreased. Variety and content will bring outside views and more potential profit.

Titles are important and not at all my strong suit. Something that might be helpful is if others could suggest better titles and tags to improve our appeal to others not on the site.

To keep any site viable people need to coming and new people need to come for information, entertainment or friendship. Variety is key. Let’s share some great titles. Let’s pick it up and a notch and work together  bring more views from the outside in.


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