Learn Others: Things You Do Not Want to Do, and Recommendations

Mistakes You Do Not Want to Do

There are many ways to earn extra money and invest your way out of a job. What many of you are looking for is something quick and easy! Make that cash quick from $0 to $10,000 every month, every week, and every, day. Notice how I write the above. I start with month because many of you have a monthly goal. That monthly goal will help you with so much would it not? What would you do with an extra $10,000 a month? What would you do making $10,000 a month? If you make that and live paycheck to paycheck then you really need to evaluate your spending habits or families spending habits. My Families $225,000 Settle Back Nothing – My parents won two settlements when I was younger and at the time I had no financial education like I do now. With both won settlements my parents were close to $300,000, most money my family has ever managed. This what they did. Created a tax preparation business. Paid off their first homeCarLend Money. Bought a Taco Truck Bought 21-acre property. Now they have nothing and they had a quarter million dollars. Invested in High Dollar Amounts. The accountant of the family did not know how to manage the money and lost it all. The money maker of the family did not do anything to assist the situation except blame the other person. Nobody took the time to educate themselves in money management and how to grow the money.

The Taco Truck: $25,000

Credit is due here because the intention of starting a business is there. The problem is that family trusted family. If you read any business books the biggest red flag in running a business is family. It is a hard thing to swallow but we learned the hard way. The salary of a paid family member who did not even enjoy the job created the issue of no profit. That member quickly got relieved of his duties because added on pressure from the manager, which was the next issue. The person managing the Taco Truck and its finances did not know how to manage. The next line of personnel micro-managed everything and everyone away. Luckily, there was an employee who did not mind work and taking orders who sustained the business for a little while longer. Currently, the Taco Truck is used for sibling events which makes it a bad investment and complete loss until it is sold or starts operating again. If management stays the same I do not see it going anywhere.

Home and 21-Acre Property: $40 Down on property, and $80,000 pay-off

The great news is a home was paid in full and are officially homeowners. The bad news is that nothing is being done to add to the families monthly income. The 21-acre property had an extra $15,000 in damages parents were not aware of and it ate at their quarter million they had. The plan was to rent off the 21-acres to animals but the water-well on the property did not allow for it. Since it is a community well there are issues with neighbors and water-usage. The 21-acres came with guest-house that needs improvement. No home is being rented for the fear of extra damages to any home (No Tenant Trust).

Learn From These People

Learn from my parents and their quarter-million loss. They had all that money to lose it and never invested it. The most financially literate person in the family failed the family. Instead of leaving the family in great financial standing there is nothing left. They earner of the family continues to work at the age he is supposed to retire because he tapped into his retirement early, this especially is not fair to him. Therefore, money does not guarantee success. Money management and learning how to make money is the success. If you do not have money start with these apps I am suggesting here and start building a habit to build and grow money with the things you already do.

Acorns: Invest your Change 

Every time you swipe a credit card or debit card. Link your bank account to invest all the change in your account. Example, buy chips for $1.69 and you invest $0.31.

WowApp: Communication APP 

We all like to text message everyone, video chat, emojis etc. This free app pays you for doing just that. Start now share it with family and friends. Say hi once you download it and feel free to ask questions. Get your families phone and download it for them using your link, not mine. Then check your points coming in on a daily basis.

FOREX with Traders Way: Just like Stocks but with currencies, charts all the way

Many believe you need a lot of money to invest in financial markets but with FOREX you do not and it is a $5.3 Trillion industry. I can show what I do and look for in the most conservative way possible and at the moment. Start trading your money with just $10 and risk $1 per move in your direction with TradersWay. Start Sunday and cash out every Friday night (US Time). I am not a professional but I am looking at this as weekly income. Many of you may already buy tickets, gamble, lottery tickets, etc. What makes this any different. I will show you what to look for.

Coinbase: Cryptocurrency Bank

At the moment crypto-currencies are becoming a huge hit with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, and Ethereum. It is an exactly what it is a currency. This kind of currency/money being accepted all over the world. The value of this currency is going but that does not mean you need to purchase an entire coin. So do not be scared away when you see one coin cost $250.00 (Litecoin) and another coin cost $14,0000 (bitcoin). You can start with $10 to and see it increase. It may not be a lot in your eyes but it will increase. Some brokers do trade this currency, unfortunately, tradersway is not one of them. My referral link will give you $10 once you have invested $100 dollars but I do not care for that.

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