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Did you know your dog can wear a knee brace? Just like in people, they are very helpful in treating injuries and pain. Knee or stifle braces are used to control various unwanted knee motions. These knee braces provide an effective solution for ACL or CCL injuries by controlling the anterior drawer movement of the tibia on the femur. They are most commonly applied as an alternative to surgery, when surgery is not an option either because of budget limitations or when a pet is too old to be a good candidate for it. They can also be used post-surgically to provide support and protection for the repaired knee and pre-surgically to prevent further injury before they are fixed.

Is a dog knee brace for sale the right answer to your dog’s problem? Let’s consider the following:

#1 Your dog’s temperament. Sadly, we can’t just ask dogs how they feel about wearing a brace, nor can we predict whether or not they will get used to it over time. For a brace to work well, the dog has to be comfortable in it and like wearing it. Otherwise, the dog will change its gait and even the best dog knee braces won’t be beneficial. An aggressive dog may be quite angry to have it on, making it a dangerous situation.

#2 Your own expectations. Dogs treated with braces are not and should not be expected to return to their pre-injury activity level like you would with surgical fixation. While a recent study showed that dogs fitted with orthotic devices demonstrated improved weight bearing, weight bearing in the affected limb decreased as soon as the brace was removed. You should be aware that dogs fitted with orthotic devices, like knee braces, will likely need to wear them for life. This isn’t a quick fix.


#3 How much pain your dog is in. You could do a lot to help fix your dog, or you could do a little, or you could do nothing at all. What you should do is all about how much pain your dog is in. Perhaps it doesn’t bother him or her, and it doesn’t bother you either. On the other hand, your furry friend may be in extreme pain and needs a fix as quickly as possible.


#4 The costs and benefits of each option. Each way to help your dog comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. Over the counter painkillers may help him or her feel less pain but this won’t actually fix the root of the problem, and they have side effects for dogs just like people. A surgery may get them “back to new” but be way out of your budget. For many, a knee brace is perfect because it offers help that doesn’t doesn’t cost too much money.

When your dog needs you, he or she can’t verbally tell you what they need. Yet if you watch them carefully, you will know that your furry friend is in pain. If you see this, it is time to do something about it and get them the knee brace they need in order to be comfortable.

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