Latest World News for 7.16.20

Thursday, July 16, 2020

7 ships have caught fire in Iran’s port, as well as other mysterious explosions in Iran. The Zionists in Israel and USA are suspected. CIA has carried out covert operation attacks on Iran. It was calculated and preplanned to collapse and weaken Iran’s economy. The CIA is trying to start a war.

Many young people are recruited for one-day vaccines. They will be infected with cornyflu, and given the vaccine. Thousands of young people have volunteered for this experiment. I think these young people should at least be paid for their time.

The testing might not be accurate because most people who are affected by cornyflu tend to be 60 years old and older.

Pedophilia foster care in Germany? It mostly happened to young boys. It started as an experiment by Helmut Kentler, who died in 2008. The Berlin government and senate are aware of this abuse, and should be held accountable.


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