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Monday, September 30, 2019

RT summarizes the latest world update…

  • This video warns WhatsApp and Twitters users that officials are scouting on these sites to control what you share, similar to what Facebook is doing. They plan to share your information with UK  zionist police.
  • Chaos in Haiti, where millions of people protest in the street against their government, hoping for a positive change in their country. They want their corrupt president to resign, and all the schools have shut down. Four people have been killed in this violent protest.
  • Boeing’s safety recommendations are wrong, and it currently being investigated to make sure Boeing changes its procedure and everything is safe.
  • CVS is taking out Zantac, heartburn medication, from its pharmacy. Zantac is stated to have cancer-causing ingredient. It has carcinogens and NDMA.

The question lingers about whether the Clinton Foundation had anything to do with the mess in Haiti? Be on the look out for more videos exposing whether Clintons and Soros are involved in this mess…


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