Is Money More Important Than Health?

We human beings often focus on achieving goals, focus on competing in life but during these struggles we neglect the most important thing in our life that keeps us going and that is health. No matter how much money you have, no matter how much of social person you are, it will all be of worth nothing if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it. So to enjoy every passing second a person needs to have good health and for a good health a person needs to take care of himself and this person is known fitness tour.

Life is a way of struggling with your daily routine from Fitnessator to cheat days.

What is fitnessator?

So there is this curiosity in mind as to what is the word fitnessator is? So let me explain this all up to you. Fitness means the state of being fit right? And whereas –ator means the person doing it. So fitnessator at this moment means a person is working out to be in the state of being fit. A fitnessator is a person who not only focuses his business goals but also focuses on his/her body needs and their goals. A fitnessator is a person who analyses his/her own body, knows it’s good and bad needs, identifies his/her body needs and then focus on different ways to achieve those body needs.

What is Fitnessator focus?

A fitnessator not only focuses on the diet but also different kinds of workout, to warm up the body, to make the body get used to daily routines. To be fit, you either need to lose weight or gain it and then a regulation in the workouts to make your body fit. So this means different types of fitnessator work on different types of workouts according to their body needs and according to their daily routines.

A fitnessator is a person who focuses on living a healthy lifestyle but different daily workouts and with healthy diet plans. A fitnessator is a person who is motivated enough to keep his body healthy and active enough.

Is fitnessator without any disadvantages?

The answer to the above question is yes, fitnessator is literally without any defects because it is a natural way to make your body healthy. It keeps your body active; An active body means a positive mind and a positive mind always means happy thoughts.

So let us discuss the different types of things a person can focus on

Inspiration & Motivation

You will not be able to do anything if you do not crave for it. You need to stay motivated inside yourself. Nobody can motivate you to do anything other than yourself. To achieve anything in life a person needs to be inspired and to be motivated enough to it and to have this craze for that goal. So a fitness tour is an extremely motivated person who is passionate about his/her healthy body and who wants to achieve specific goals to make his/her body active and healthy. A person needs to be inspired by his/herself first, and this inspiration is the only way that person can achieve those goals within a specified time by being motivated and being focused towards those goals.

Food And Nutrition

A Fitnessator focuses on the food he/she eats, so let’s have a detailed discussion on how to focus on that. So a fitnessator firstly searches for the number of calories his/her body needs daily and then divides those calories according to the number of food he/she likes. Good diet makes the body active and healthy and having a balanced diet intake decreases a lot of health-related diseases. It makes the person healthy, and this makes the body more as I mentioned above a healthy body gives healthy thoughts.


A fitnessator is a person who not only focuses on his/her nutrition needs but also focuses on how to make the muscles strong and active. With a healthy food intake working out is another way to make the body fit and active. There are different types of workouts a body needs, and every person has his/her body requirements that need to be met. The following are some among many kinds of workouts a fitnessator can do

  • Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment plays a very vital role in workouts this means that if you don’t have correct equipment or you don’t have correct awareness regarding how to use those specified types of equipment, resulting in wrong angles during workouts. So a fitnessator knows about his//her equipment and knows how to use it perfectly enough to achieve desired goals.

  • Extra Vitamins/Supplements

Nourishing your body is critical when you have an active social life. Due to different routines, a person skips a meal but his/her body knows the time of food and when doesn’t get this means body eats its self to complete its diet cycle. So do not have that kind of effects on the body a fitnessator uses extra vitamins and supplements to get those calories he/she skipped during the day. Extra vitamins or supplements fulfill the daily calory requirements of that person’s body even if he/she skips a meal.

So to have an active life and to have a healthy body we all in one way or another need to be fitnessator because after all this whole life is worth nothing if you don’t have healthy eyes to watch it.


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Written by Yogesh Gupta

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