If Your Business Meets These Criteria: Security Guards Are Non-Negotiable

Uniformed, professional looking security guards are a common sight at various types of businesses across the country. As security risks continue to increase, guards are a common place necessity that pays for itself with the various benefits afforded. Even small businesses are jumping on the band wagon, understanding the value of private security in keeping their patrons, employees, and assets secure. If your business meets the following criteria, hiring security guards is imperative to the protection of your investment.

Oh, Parking Lot

If you are like most business owners, your business overlooks a large parking lot. Keeping your parking lot secure is far more important than you may have realized. Vandalism, theft, breaking and entering a vehicle, mugging, or even human trafficking can occur in a parking lot. What if it’s yours? Protect your employee’s and patrons who may be walking to their cars during the dark evening hours. Criminal activity abounds and seems to increase with each year that passes. Security guards can be an asset to protect personal property and the lives/well-being of all who enter your parking lot. They can also be an asset when congestion occurs, working as traffic control.

Is Your Business Located in A Skeevy Part of Town?

Some businesses are simply located in areas that boast of high levels of crime. Particularly in cities with high rates of poverty and overcrowding, security concerns abound. Businesses located in rural areas can also be at high risk for a plethora of criminal activities. Thus, if your business is located in an area known for its high levels of crime, it is of utmost importance that you have security guards protecting it on every side.

A History of Conflict

Any business that has existed for very long will have likely experienced conflict with customers and/or former employees. In a rage, it is not uncommon for these disgruntled people to make dangerous threats against the business and its owner/employees. When people are angry, there is no telling what they might try. It is possible for the rage to escalate beyond mere anger and turn to violence against others or the destruction of property. In such cases, the presence of a trained security guard can help deter such behavior from occurring in the first place and can address dangerous incidents that occur.

Serving Something A Bit Stronger Than Soda

If you own a business that serves alcohol, security concerns increase. Alcohol is a known factor in many acts of violence, particularly fighting, loud and raucous arguments, sexual assault, and incidents of domestic violence. Businesses, such as hotels, bars, clubs, casinos, or restaurants routinely serve alcohol to patrons. With the associated risks such establishments should ALWAYS have trained security guards present. Guards can handle any situation of alcohol induced violence or criminal activity. They can help protect your establishment’s good name, protect patrons and employees alike, and help deter incidents from happening in the first place. This is only a benefit to your liability, reducing property damage and victims of injury.

If your business is subject to these concerns, consider hiring the experts to ensure your good reputation and the safety of all those who frequently visit. Place security concerns in the capable hands of security guards and have more time to focus on managing your business and keeping customers happy.


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Written by James Shrider

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