IDF Exposes Truth about Israel

Saturday 8.7.21

The below videos for a Free Palestine. Whether Israeli Jew,  Anti-Zionist Jewish Activist, American, or other people, more and more people are waking up, mostly from the last huge attack that Zionist Israel did on Gaza.

#1 EX-IDF pilot Yonatan Shapira powerful speech against occupation and genocide of Palestinians.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

An ex-IDF Israeli Jew Yonatan Shapira exposes IDF as a terrorist organization. He now has woken up to Free Palestine from the Zionist Terrorists because Zionists are criminals.  On May 19th, he gave his speech in Oslo, Norway, outside the Parliament. He wants everyone to “BOYCOTT ISRAEL.”

Some companies in Norway sell weapons to Zionist Israel, and he begs Norway to Boycott Israel as well as not send them any nuclear weapons. 


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