Identifying Household Risks

Have you ever wondered where the biggest threats occur in your household? We go about our daily routines and tasks without thinking of some of the common threats that we face within our own households. We interact and visit many different rooms within our home daily, without ever stopping to think of potential dangers that could result from using everyday items.

Since it’s back to school season, it’s a great time to develop new routines and plans that can positively affect your family. Whether you are devising new carpool plans, after school routines, or ways to keep your family healthy, new school seasons are great opportunities to develop new, healthy habits.

With this being said, take a deeper look into some of the areas of your home that cause the biggest concern for households. Evaluate your current lifestyle and uses of everyday items around the house. In what areas should you become a more cautious parent? Are there things that your children interact with that could potentially lead to a burn?

Check out the newly developed risk checker that helps to identify serious threats to the safety of you and your family. Consider some of the areas of risk that you and your household may experience on a daily basis, and devise a plan to develop safer routines this coming school year.


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