I bought 4 New Tires for My VW

Tuesday, 10.5.21

I woke up at 8 am and called AAA for a tow truck to fix my 2 flat tires on the right side. He came at 9 am, saw the tires, and said he couldn’t do it because I need a flatbed. He called his work to tell them. While waiting for the flatbed to come, a dragonfly showed up, and flew around in my area for a while. After it left, I noticed some white and yellow butterflies fluttering around. 

At around 10:45am, the flatbed came, placed the VW on top, and drove a mile and a half to the American Tire Depot. I went there to fix 2 flat tires. The leaks are from the side, which they cannot fix. So, I need new tires for these flat tires. They said my other tires were too old and had cracks. They said I should get new tires for the other side, as well. They added a new shock each for the 2 back tires because the old shocks were too oily. And, they did alignment on the new 4 tires. They checked stuff in the engine.

While waiting outside, I noticed a white or yellow butterfly fluttering by the garage.

 I paid via debit. And, I drove home at 1:11pm.


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