Humid Summer Sunday…

Sunday, 7.18.21

I woke up in the morning and did my usual morning routine, including changing into my yoga clothes. Then, I turned on the computer to check on things. I noticed that this morning’s yoga meetup has been cancelled, even though there was a sub for the class. So, I changed my clothes into skinny jeans, OBEY Brand Adopt an animal t-shirt and sandals. It was humid today. But the indoor mall has A/C. I walked 1.7 miles and 5,128 steps today. The indoor mall was busy. It is good to see many people going out again. 

I checked out many stores for a new workout sneakers. I had a hard time finding one I liked. I went to Nordstrom Rack, DSW, Macys and Nordstrom dept store. There were two AISCs that are OK at Macys, but I thought I should look around more before I decide. I went to Nordstrom dept store, and I tried an AISCs and a Nike. The Nike seemed too tight and snug that it didn’t feel right. The AISCs was better. It was expensive because it is a new style just out. The salesman said that there will be a sale on July 28th, and it will be reduced. I decided to wait for the sale, which is next week. 

I looked down and noticed one of my sandal, which is almost new because I rarely wore it, suddenly broke. I took it off and walked to my car outside. I can easily glue it together at home. 

I returned home, fixed my sandal, and ate dinner. 


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