How Howie Survived – 11

Howie made up his mind to leave the Office in Hell. He hated the changes it had made in his ethics, he hated being able to function in such a place. He found a job in another part of the city.

He would begin the Next Monday. This meant he had one week more of his ‘sentence’.

During those five days, Howie took all his personal possessions from the office. He also took a few items that belonged to the office.

He decided as a parting shot to finish five jobs, perfectly.

On Thursday he deleted a number of files on his computer; all the documents he had created. He waited until Friday to remove the malware programs he had uploaded from the day he sat at this computer. After removing the programs he visited a few dodgy sites,  then completed file five.

After lunch he received his pay and left the office.

He made no mention that he was not coming back.

He tossed the SIM card from his work phone into the bin as he passed. He wanted no connection to Stan Satan or his office.

Howie felt like shouting ‘free at last!’  but didn’t, he just gave thanks that he had survived the Boss From Hell.


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Written by jaylar

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