How Wikileaks Became a Household Name

July 2019

This video is interesting. Four Corners summarizes how Julian Assange and Wikileaks became big all over the world. It started when Bradley Manning gave Assange the controversial Iraq War video, which is the same video that I had stumbled upon by accident during the first time that I noticed Wikileaks in 2007. I was just internet-surfing, looking for something to blog about.  I decided to blog about this video and promote it on Allvoices, as well as other sites. Five or six year later, I was at the gym, inside the locker room, where I noticed many women were watching this video on CNN for the first time.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange became big in 2010, as more and more people worldwide were visiting Wikileaks for real news. Assange had many followers for exposing the truth as well as enemies who were embarrassed that the whole world is watching Zionist lies and terrorism being exposed to the world.


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