How to take online appointment for Aadhaar card enrolment process?

Currently, Aadhaar number plays an important role in every sphere of an Indian citizen. As the telecom operators or banks have made it mandatory to link the Aadhaar, to get your enrolment appointment as soon as possible. 

Unique Identification Authority of India has taken the responsibility for proceeding the Aadhaar enrolment or authentication procedure. Now, a user can verify the Aadhaar status online; however, the registration for a new Aadhaar card or change in mobile number requires physical presence. For this reason, one should get enrolment appointment at the nearest UIDAI branch. Let us spend a little time knowing how you can get an appointment via an online portal.

Taking an Appointment from UIDAI 

A person is required to go to an Aadhaar centre for enrolling himself/herself to UIDAI service due to the requirement of biometrics. Even if the person needs to change phone number, address or any other details, it is essential to be present at the branch along with a duly filled Aadhaar update form. Before reaching the branch office, booking an appointment via is necessary.

The biggest advantage of the online booking process is that the appointment is fixed and confirmed. A user no longer required to stand in long queues at the branch. In addition to the context, the UIDAI section has teamed up with different private and public sector banks for providing easy enrolment procedure.

Simply by visiting the official UIDAI site, you can utilise the online facility and fill in the mandatory credentials. Do not forget to mention your location and then fix an appointment for initiating the registration process.

Book an Appointment for Aadhaar Registration 

Whether it is for Aadhar correction form or compulsory enrolment to the system, you should get an appointment before visiting the branch. Of course, you can visit the nearest UIDAI office at any time, but the long queues would be difficult to avoid.

When you have already finalised the convenient location, follow these simple steps to book an appointment-

Visit the official UIDAI portal.

Go through the terms and conditions carefully.

For a first-time applicant, choose the box accordingly.

Mention security code on the given space.

Choose your residential state.

Click on ‘Verify and Proceed’.

Get redirected to a new page ( where Enrolment Request Application is available.

Fill out the personal demographic information and make sure it is accurate.

Choose ‘Save and Continue’ for saving the duly filled Aadhaar correction form.

Review the application form and ensure there is no error.

Choose ‘Submit’ and reach the specified enrolment centre.

Aadhaar Enrolment Procedure

Office of Registrar General of India and UIDAI provide enrolment services in every state and union territory. Registrar General of India exclusively carries out the operation of Aadhaar enrolment in Meghalaya and Assam. Nonetheless, every Indian resident is required to visit the permanent enrolment centre for completing the Aadhaar enrolment or correction process.

Take a look at the three approaches for Aadhaar enrolment,

The head of the family can introduce the members as the proof of documents for acquiring proof of relationship or POR.

Include the proof of identity document along with an authentic proof of document.

If proof of identity or proof of address is not present, the use of designated person from Registrar can be used. In this case, the appointed person should be an Aadhaar card holder.


How to Find Aadhaar Enrolment Centre near you 

The authority now offers simple measures to locate an enrolment centre for submitting Aadhaar correction form or get enrolled. People can now look up online and find a convenient location for correcting the UIDAI information.

Visit UIDAI’s online portal.

Select ‘Locate Enrolment and Update Centres in Other Cities’.

Choose your pin code or state

Mention all the details regarding village, town, sub-district and district as applicable.

Choose ‘Search Box Option’ for searching permanent centres.

Type verification code and click on search button.

Suitable enrolment centres will appear on your screen.

Things to Keep in Mind 

Aadhaar correction form is a walk-in process and the authority offers an online booking facility for entering the UIDAI regulated Aadhaar program. Before filling out the Aadhaar correction form, you should keep these following aspects in mind.

The Aadhaar enrolment service is only executed at designated centres and you cannot get online enrolment, currently.

You can enrol any day because there is no last date for getting enrolled under UIDAI. As per your convenience, you can fix the appointment.

The enrolment procedure initiates with this link: However, you are required to be present at the enrolment centre at the end.

It is not mandated that you have to show your bank account details; it is optional. However, if you wish to link the bank account with Aadhaar card, you have to submit relevant information to the designated centre.

If you have already received your Aadhaar, you need not apply again for enrollment. However, upon the Aadhaar authority’s request, you may have to visit the enrolment centre. Data shared by the citizen is fully protected and never shared with any third-party. Therefore, get your Aadhaar card for unlocking PDS benefits, quick passport service, easy bank transactions and many more.

What are the enrolment Centres in Tier-1 cities? 

You can visit the UIDAI online site and click on ‘Enrolment and Update Centres in Major Cities’. Find this option under ‘Aadhaar Enrolment’ category. Here, you will find information regarding the summarised address of the centre, registrar’s name, contact address and agency name.

How many types of enrolment centres are there? 

There are two types of enrolment centres including temporary enrolment centres and permanent enrolment centres. The permanent centre carries out multiple functions like enrolling, updating or correcting information. Also, the temporary enrolment centre is a set up on contractual basis for executing the primary task like enrolment service.

What should I do for finding enrolment centre through the search box? 

If you are not sure about your exact residential address, you can use this feature to locate city, area and district. By entering the verification code and submitting it, you can get an array of relevant options.


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