How to Start a Career Teaching Online from Home

Working from home can be a very fulfilling thing in life. Many people and especially mothers find it very hard to leave their small kids to attend to a full-time job. This is the reason why most of them are quitting their 9-to 5 full-time jobs to concentrate on their families. Other people look for jobs they can do at home to supplement their incomes.

Well, online teaching or tutoring is a lasting solution to your predicaments. The good thing is that you can actually work from home and still have time to attend to your family. You don’t need to have teaching experience to start an online tutoring job because there are so many things you can teach online. For example, teaching English online to Chinese students is a popular option.

However, if you need to be a professional tutor, but don’t know where to start, here’s a heads-up.

The Benefits of Teaching Online

It’s satisfying. Working at home is satisfying. You will have a lot of time with your family at the same time earning some money for yourself. You can successfully handle an online class in the comfort of your home. This will help you to attend to other duties at home.

It saves you money. Working at home will help you save some money. There is no cost of inventories or cost of setting up a workstation involved. Since you are the coach, you can be able to minimize your personal costs to earn more.

It saves you time. Time is an important factor in making money. The time taken to move from one place to the other is a lot. Online tutoring jobs allow you to schedule your time appropriately. Your tutee will come-up with their preferred time that you will organize yourself to be available at that time.

It’s a good way of making money. Online tutoring job can make you good money that you won’t need to supplement it with other jobs. On average, an online tutor will earn $10 per hour. If he works for five hours a day, he will have earned a cool $50 per day. You can do the math and see how well-paying this job can be.

It’s a learning opportunity. This is a good learning opportunity. A tutor needs to be ahead of his trainee in terms of knowledge. It is sad when your students know more than you do. This is why a tutor has to learn continuously.

Where to Find Tutoring Jobs from Home

Tutoring jobs are available everywhere. Everywhere because even where you are right now there is a teaching opportunity. However, online tutoring is different from a one-on-one tutoring because you have to conduct your training online. This means that you don’t have to be in the same locality with your trainee. Some of your trainees will be in a different time zone that you have to schedule your time appropriately.

There are two main ways you can find an online tutoring job to work at home. You can work as an independent contractor or as an entrepreneur.

1. Teach Online as a Freelancer

Working as a freelancer you will need to provide your own working tools and look for your clients. Also, you will be needed to pay your own rates and taxes regarding the platform you will be using to transmit your courses.There are various platforms and sites you can use to find clients and use their platforms to communicate with your trainees.

Upwork – This is a reputable freelance website that will provide you with a platform to find clients and transmit your tutorials. Upwork will charge you 20% service fee for every work you complete through their platform. This is a good place to do online tutoring because clients advertise their jobs requirements there. All you need to do is to bid for the job by portraying your expertise to the client.

Fiverr – Fiverr provide you with a platform where you can create your gig and describe the skills you can offer the clients. You can choose your rates depending on the gig you are providing. You can create more than one gigs on Fiverr to showcase different skills if you have several skills. The client will go through your gig and hire you. He can also request you to customize a gig to suit his requirements if he finds your skills relevant to him.

Guru – This is another freelance site that you can work as an independent contractor. Just like Upwork, clients will post their job requirements and you will bid for the right job for you. You can even look for the history of some clients and write directly to them through the same platform. You will get paid less their service fees once the client accepts your service.

2. Teach Online as an Entrepreneur

When you have gained substantial experience and confidence in tutoring, you can start your online tutoring business. Entrepreneurship is a fulfilling way of making money because you are your own boss. This doesn’t mean that you will not work. Actually, you will work more as an entrepreneur that as an employee. If you are ready for that, there are various ways you can market your tutoring business.

Create your own website

If you want people to know what you are offering them, you need to advertise your skills. One way you can do this best is by creating your own website, create quality contents, post free videos and showcase your skills to people who show up on your website. Don’t forget to provide a contact page where your clients can communicate with you.

Create an online course

If you are good in a certain area, you can create an online course and sell them on different websites where people can subscribe or buy your course.

Yondo – This is an online platform where you can sell your skills and knowledge through videos and webinars. You will decide where and when to learn. Yondo provides you with a platform where you can accept payments. They will charge you once you receive your payments.

Udemy – You can use Udemy to teach online. This is a platform provides you with an opportunity to showcase your teaching skills as you sell some of your courses online. You will need to choose a topic to write on, then develop a very nice course and post it on Udemy where your students will buy it.

Skillshare – This is a learning portal where you can make money online by creating an online class. You will earn the number of attendee in your class per month. You can also earn from accumulating loyalty points you get by referring students to the portal.

Selling courses directly to clients

If you are worried about that these platforms take a cut of your earnings, you can still find your own direct clients. You can find direct clients from social networks, through Google SEO and referrals from friends and family members. You can even give out free courses in term of gifts to the first few clients who subscribe to your course and they will act as your marketer.

The good thing about direct clients is that you will not have to share your payments with anyone. It is also a good way of getting long lasting clients.


You have many options to choose from when it comes to online teaching. Online tutoring is easy to start if you know where to start from. If you have no ideas, this guide will help you take-off and see yourself growing with time.


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