How To Promote Your Website/Blog for almost 0 budget

1. Guest posting

Guest posting is a very much popular tactic that is mutually beneficial for both of the parties that are involved. Having another writer in your industry write a post on your own blog is a thing that you too want so it means that other parties want to receive a high quality article that they can share on their blog, this allows you to include a link to your website which people will click so that means you will get some additional traffic or possible customers.Also not only that, also you’re building long lasting relationships along the way with people in your or similar so called sister industry while growing your own network you are growing your site too. At the same time you get big exposure, additional traffic, and social media shares. Many people will say that this is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

I strongly recommend that you become a guest blogger if you are bad at writing articles to be published on other platforms. You can always hire some freelancer that wants to prove himself and get an amazing job done for cheap. As said before the benefits are huge: your website backlink link appears on external pages giving you an awesome boost to your Search Engine Optimization, also you get exposed to a brand new audience that might be interested in your niche, and also you improve your writing skills by writing guest posts.

2.Outreach or Email marketing

There’s a big reason you will often see email marketing placed high up at top on articles that discuss how to drive traffic to your website or it’s pages. You may ask why? Because it’s proven to be very much effective over and over again. There is a study that shows you for every $10 you spend on email marketing, the average rate of return is $380. It is true that anyone can send an infographic or newsletter and get some conversions, but one that is carefully written and effective is most likely to pay off. There are plenty of tools to make your Outreach and email marketing easier, it is rare to find such tool for free but there are plenty amazing and cheap tools such as

3.Create a blog if you still don’t have one

Blogs are the most awesome things on the website. And I’m not just saying that because you’re reading one right now. YOu having a blog on your website can increase the ranking of your site on Google and other search engines,it may help if you establish yourself as an expert in your field, and it can lead to dramatically improving your conversion rate. The best thing is writing articles will force you to know more and research your market and competitors to see what they write about and what brings them the most traffic, and in turn your knowledge and what you have learnt and grow your professional skills.

4.Search Engine Optimization or Short SEO

SEO, or full said search engine optimization is literally one of the most effective way to get your website rank higher on Google and many other search engines. Unlike search engine marketing, it’s completely free and the competition is open to everyone, to rank higher is based on many things which includes the quality content, the fluidity of the navigation you offer to your visitors and readers, and the number of links you receive from other domains. Among other factors, good Search Engine Optimization is accomplished by setting certain keywords throughout your website and many other techniques, like adding alternative text to your images and optimizing your H1’s so that your website is more easily found by all search engines. Search Engine Optimization requires some time, experience and effort. Using tools will make your SEO way more easier, there are plenty of free tools you can use such as with a little more research you can find way more.


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